Sell More and Quick with World's Simplest CRM

Clear View Dashboard

Get all basic details on the dashboard itself
  • Get record of number of leads in the current month
  • Get number of leads matured in the current month
  • Number of new leads assigned button on executive's dashboard
  • Today's reminder button on user's dashboard

Powerful Reminders

We know the importance of a lead and follow-up in sales. With our powerful notification system:

  • Never lose a customer
  • Set Reminder of a positive leads
  • Get SMS alerts for Reminders
  • Get Email notifications
  • Get Reminders on time whether you are in office or not
  • Reminders with your comments to recall the conversation
  • Reschedule reminder to set next reminder of same lead

Assign Lead

It is always important that a customer should be handled by the accurate team for maximum closure of sales.

  • Assign lead to the right executive for the lead
  • Assign Multiple leads in just one click
  • Transfer Leads within team
  • Keep record of leads transfer
  • Get comments of the previous team handling the query
  • Work on query after judging the previous activities on the lead, to convert it into sales

Leads Rating

This feature will help you save time & close deals faster.

  • Mark query as per the conversation
  • Mark leads as positive, very positive, definitely convertible, enquiry only, non-convertible, etc.
  • Mark query as call back again if it is still not rated by any team member
  • Mark lead as lost if it is lost by your company and put comments to know the reason

Lead Management & Search

Search & Manage your leads as per you requirement
  • Search by Name
  • Search By Number
  • Search by Email
  • Filter Leads by Rating
  • Export leads in excel
  • Get New leads always on top

Deals & Sales Management

Manage you sales target easily
  • Mature leads which are converted to sales
  • Mature lead directly with one click
  • Add deal to your sales
  • Get sales summary total month wise
  • Deal sharing option between two executives

Full Customization & control

Customize your CRM as per your requirement
  • Product Management: Add or remove products from your account
  • Manage Lead type: Lead type is used to recognize the platform used to generate the lead.
    Lead Type examples: Google, Cold calling, Website form Submission, Inbound Call, etc.
  • User Management: Add or remove users in your team and track their sales performance individually
  • Deal Management: Approve or Reject deal submitted by executives


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